Colo and rack hosting

To promote the gaming development and digital content creation side of the house, we are rolling out colocation and rack hosting!

Hosting is provided in our Atlanta Metro datacenter just west of Atlanta, GA.


For our first package:

- Full rack 42U usable

- 1 gig full uplink up/down, unmetered

- 120v/20a power included

- Remote hands 24/7 for physical requests

- Ship your own hardware or lease from us

- Discounts available for multi-year commit

USD $2000 setup

USD $1800/month


In the future, the plan is to provide:

- Private vnet with dedicated VPN device

- Dedicated workstation hosting

- GPU enabled NUC nodes for live-stream publishing (to YouTube or other service)

- NUC Gaming

- Per U up to half-rack hosting for custom configs


Remote NUC workstations are great for offloading rendering jobs, lightweight work on Blender or other software, SLOBS/OBS streaming of produced content to live YouTube feeds, or just remote gaming. Connect to your workstations over VPN to the private vnet service and its just like remoting into the studio.

With the private vnet service, you get a dedicated OpenVPN hardware device with a dedicated public IP address and a gigabit uplink to the Internet. You can later add hosted workstations to this internal network, additional OpenVPN users, connect an IPSEC tunnel to our Azure environment, you name it.

Full tunneling is provided, so while on VPN, your Internet traffic exits via your dedicated IP address. Great when you are traveling and need regional access to the Internet from the US, or using WIFI in an untrusted location and want clean, protected access back to your trusted network.

Provide remote workers access to workstations you control.

Reach out if interested or for more details