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ATLG Krampus Skate Deck

ATLG Krampus Skate Deck

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Christmas may have just come, but this Krampus rides all year! Artwork by the awesome Matthew Skiff (@thew), this deck really jumps out with sharp black, red, and yellow on a full deck graphic.

The digital transfer ink process gives a smooth, uniform finish for a consistent surface feel. No hangups or unexpected grippy spots.

Cold pressed in the USA from North American Hard Rock Maple. Glued with Franklin Multibond sk-8 instead of epoxy for more flex and a less rigid ride. Great deck for beginners or any rider.

Mellow concave.

Just under 32 inches nose to tail.

14 inches between the trucks.

Weight average around 2lb 9oz.

Nose slightly wider and longer than tail.


Seven layers like a burrito.

All decks come with random stickers and promos.

Ships from Atlanta, Georgia.

Top layer is random dye or natural finish layer.

The 8" is the most common width, but other sizes are available from 7.75" up to 8.5".

If you don't see what you need, let us know.

Out of stock items are usually back around 3 weeks.


Hit for special requests.



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